Foodborne Pathogens Microbiology Lab Report

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Please write a one-page scientific abstract on your Food Lab Experiment. 

1. Concept of bacteria in food

2. I used the ground beef for the fact that raw meat has a high amount of bacteria, which will help us see the difference.

3. The method that was use is by observe plates and record data.

4. Hypotheses: acidic conditions inhabit bacterial growth 

5. Prediction: if we added a vinegar on a ground beef, it would have less bacteria compared to the beef without the vinegar.

6. Results : beef without vinegar 1:10,000 dilation plate , 135 colonies 135,000 Bacteria / ml , however beef with vinegar in 1:100 dilution 60 colonies, and 600 gm, which proves that the vinegar works.

7. Recommendations.

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