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? You have already spent considerable time thinking about the topic food, so you probably have some ideas you would like to pursue, but you will need to further explore the topic to find your focus. Decide on one problem related to the topic food that you find interesting and write an argument essay in which you clearly describe the problem, the controversy surrounding the issue, and your own opinion. Remember to acknowledge the merits of the opposing opinion before you present a persuasive argument of your own position.
? For this time, there must be solid research behind your writing. Whatever aspect of the topic you choose, avoid a focus that is too broad; instead, choose a small aspect of the topic that will allow you to adequately develop it considering the constraints of the time you have available and of the required length of the paper.
? Then write a formal research proposal together with an annotated bibliography. The proposal will include the following parts:
? A short (100-150 words) abstract that summarizes your proposed main points and features a tentative thesis statement.
? A working annotated bibliography that will consist of no less than 5 reputable sources (Wikipedia is not a reputable source). Using MLA Style. If you decide during the process of working on your research essay that you want to change your sources, add to them, or omit those in your proposal, don’t worry. You will be able to do that.
? When using your sources, remember to acknowledge them both in your text (whether you are quoting or paraphrasing) and at the end of the essay in your Works Cited section. When citing sources in the body of your essay, make sure the reader can tell where your paraphrases begin and end. With quotes, it is easy because the quotation marks signal the beginnings and ends, but with paraphrases, extra care must be taken so that the reader can easily tell the difference between your own ideas and those you are paraphrasing.
— Finally, remember that outside sources are used to support your own ideas. (Important) Therefore, most of the essay must be your own ideas, not sections of quoted and paraphrased text.

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