Food culture

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“Religion has affected Indian’s foodways, but India’s foodways have affected India’s religion even more”

* Using the information you have learned from reading the article and taking notes on the questions, please provide a written response to support this quote.

  • What are cow-protection laws?
  • Why is the ban on the slaughter of cattle and the consumption of beef considered to be the most famous of the irrational foodways?
  • Was the cow always considered sacred? What happened to cause a change in thinking and what did religion have to do with it?
  • Name some of the benefits oxen provide to farmers in India
  • Why did cattle and not some other animal become the quintessential symbol of Hinduism?

500 word minimum please, Please make sure you provide a word count.

Journals should be a minimum of 500 words. Please provide a word count for your journal.

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