Final project outline

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1. Copy and paste a draft of your Final Project Outline, into a discussion post by Wednesday.

2. By Sunday, reply to two classmates. Choose classmates who have none or just 1 peer review first. In your replies offer suggestions to your classmates on how to strengthen their outline. Comment on the structure of the outline. Does the heading structure make sense – or is there something that could be added? Please offer commentary to your classmates on how their outline meets the assignment requirements.

Planning as a topic for your final paper. Below is list of budget related topics you can do your final paper on:
1. Budgeting Systems
2. Multi-Year Budgeting
3. Impacts of fiscal and monetary policies in Capital Budgeting
4. The role and interrelationship between long-term (strategic) financial plan and short term (operating) plan in corporate budgeting
5. Political tactics Used in Budgeting
6. Citizen Participation in Budgeting
7. The Role of the fiscal management/budget staff
8. The Role of the Controller/Treasurer on fiscal administration management of the budget process
9. Computerized Budgeting
10. Budget Administration Execution Techniques
11. Cash flow management in the Budget Process
12. Capital Budgeting
13. Budget Planning

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