Film Analysis

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Using the attachments laid out below, analyze the formal properties of a film from the list provided.

The first attachment is the outline, the second attachment is a short sample that my professor provide for us.

The professor just wrote one section, notice that he didn’t get into too much detail and the section was still over 300 words. Part of the difficulty of this assignment is meeting the essay guidelines in a short amount of writing: you need to be succinct and efficient.

Don’t just stop writing when you hit 300 words – you need to answers the questions in the assignment. And don’t write 500 words when you’re asked for 300!

Also note that the professor bolded the terms that the guidelines asked for. Even though he said we don’t have to do this, but I think it is better to do with bolded terms.

Please read the outline and sample carefully before you start to doing you work. Thank you so much.

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