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1. Watch the videos and fill out the attached doc.

You have to fill out the attached worksheet. individually (1.Finding the Balance final 2. The Effects of gastric bypass surgery)

No plagiarism will allow.

2. Feedback two posts- Respond two peers by offering advice (based on what you learned) for tackling the area that they identified as needing growth. Be supportive as always and try to offer concrete example of how you struggle with the same issue or overcame it.

@ 6-7 line is enough fpr Each post

1. I’d like to start out by saying I really enjoyed this course. I think the most beneficial thing I have taken away from it was learning how to properly lay out argument essays in each of their forms (comparative, causal, descriptive, narrative, and visual). Prior to this course, I would just wing it by jumping in feet first without any pre-planning, organizing, or having any idea on how my paper should be framed. The second thing I’m able to take away from this course is a strengthened and clarified understanding of thesis statements. All of the assignments we’ve completed revolving around thesis statements have helped me learn how to look for and write my own thesis statements, as well as how to effectively form the rest of my essay to support it. Unfortunately, I still struggle with completing an essay within a reasonable amount of time. I still take forever and a day to write my papers. I’ve enjoyed learning alongside of you all this semester and wish each of you the best of luck and success in your future endeavors.

2. I learned a lot from this course when it came to writing, as well as citation, planning, and finding information. Choosing two, I would say on the writing end I have gained more of an understanding of the different types of essays, and how each type can make or break an essay. Before entering this course, none of my essays had been written with a particular style in mind, simply what concept I thought would get the point across the best. Now, I know the difference between casual analysis, compare and contrast, descriptive, persuasive, and many more. As for citation and information, I had never taken a class that required APA citation, as all of my previous classes required MLA. While it probably seems like something small, citation and formatting were always a big struggle for me, and the help I got this semester was great. As a whole, I would say my writing has improved the most on an organizational standpoint as well as mood. I can now format an essay to fit the different styles as said before, but have also learned the different was to organize an essay to improve the flow of ideas. Additionally, I have learned how to use different words and descriptive language to get different emotions out of the reader. On top of this, I have also taken a lot away from this class on a grammer standpoint. It is something I will still need to work on beyond this class though, and plan to practice in the future. This semester has been extremely enjoyable, and I can not believe how fast it has gone by! Good luck to all of your on your finals, as well as whatever may come beyond this class.

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