FDI Inflow Differences

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In 2016, inward flow of FDI totaled $11,388 million in Japan* and $22,304 million in Ireland**.

-Visit the Michigan State University globalEDGE© website:


-Do some research on Japan and Ireland using any of the various resources here.

Global Business Research Resources:

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency: CIA World Factbook


Export-Import Bank


International Monetary Fund


Michigan State University GlobalEDGE website:


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development:


Transparency International




U.S. International Trade Commission


U.S. State Department


World Bank


Then discuss the following:

  • What factors do you think explain this difference in FDI inflows into these two countries?

Be sure to address the Discussion topic(s) in an initial post of at least 100 words no later than Saturday night Eastern Time. Be sure to respond to at least two others (not including the professor) and participate in the Discussion by posting on three different days of the unit.


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Banco Santander, S. A. (2017). Ireland: Foreign Investment. Retrieved from https://en.portal.santandertrade.com/establish-overseas/ireland/foreign-investment


Michigan State University (1994-2017). GlobalEDGE: Your source for global business knowledge.

Retrieved fromhttp://globaledge.msu.edu/

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