Fallacy Journal Submit Assignment

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The Fallacy Journal

The Fallacy Journal is a collection of ten examples of fallacies that present

themselves in visual media. You are the sleuth—discovering and exposing these

fallacies in your journal. Use the list of fallacies in Rottenberg (pp. 308-318) to

define your fallacies. Here’s what your journal should look like:

1) Under your MLA heading and your centered title, discuss what fallacies you

uncovered, and explain your process of finding the examples and discovering

what fallacies they represented. This should be no more than one page, but it

may be less. Make sure the page is carefully crafted, edited, and proofread.

2) Each page thereafter should contain one of the fallacies you found. This can

be a photograph, a meme, a print advertisement—any still piece of visual

media. It can also be a link to a television or computer advertisement. On the

page, explain what the fallacy is and why it is a fallacy. This should be one

brief paragraph—two to four sentences.

3) You may use the same fallacy twice if your examples are strong. Your journal

must illustrate between five and ten different fallacies.

Example attached in the question

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