Exercise 1

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please answer the 3 different questions separately:

1: Describe an aspect of your development that differs from a parent’s of grandparent’s when he or she was your age. Using influences highlighted by the lifespan perspective, explain this difference in development.

2:Teratogens : please see chapter 3 that is attached as the text book

Using the textbook for guidance, but in your own words, what are teratogens? Identify at least five teratogens and describe their effects on the developing embryo. Finally, what advice would you give to expectant mothers about their behaviors while pregnant, based on your new knowledge of teratogens? You may use additional sources (such as other websites) in your description and advice. Please remember to cite your sources.

3:Please watch this brief video clip of Baillargeon’s study of babies using the violation-of-expectation methodto test object permanence.

SAF – The Magic Years.m4v

You can certainly watch the entire video, but the clip you need to complete this assignment starts at minute 5:26 and ends at minute 9:05, so that is the only segment you are required to watch.

After viewing, please answer the following questions:

A. Why do you think babies of different ages respond differently to this experiment?

B. Do Baillargeon’s results support or refute Piaget’s theory of Sensorimotor Stages? Please offer specific support for your opinion.

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