Exam (History)

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I have attached 3 different documents to this. please let me know if there is any confusion with the question

This assignment has several documents for you to read and view in order to answer the five required questions. Please follow any formatting guidelines and minimum length requirements as set by your professor. Please take your time to analyze these documents and submit thoughtful arguments supported by the evidence these documents provide.


  1. Read the documents. Some are songs, some are poems, some are transcripts, and some are pictures.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Use proper English grammar and mechanics for each response.
  4. Submit this as exam three.

Please understand you need complete thought responses (complete sentences) for each question asked.

You need a MINIMUM of one FULL page for each question of your own words to qualify for the minimum requirements.

This does not include quotes, the question restated, or any citations. If you do not fulfill the minimum requirements, you will not earn any credit.

Excessive grammar and mechanical issues will result in no credit.

You should be using quotations and citations correctly by this point in the semester.

All answers will be checked for plagiarism.

please follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Your response to each question needs to be a minimum of one page in length of your original work. This means that any quotes, headings, or restating the question do not count in the length.
  2. You may use first person.
  3. When citing the documents, please use the document number that corresponds to it in the question. (We will not worry about proper MLA citations at this time).
  4. You do not need a works cited page or a cover page.
  5. Yes, you do need to quote documents to support your responses. You do not need large quotes (that actually is not a good idea), but you do need to show that you have read and understand the questions and how they relate to the documents.
  6. The responses are double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  7. Proper English grammar and mechanical construction is required. You are in college and should know what this means by this point in the semester. (This really means that you need to edit your paper and review it before you submit it, or have someone you trust review your paper for grammar and mechanics).
  8. You do not need to use outside sources.
  9. If your responses do not meet these minimum requirements, you will earn no credit.

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