Essay- Final

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Assignment objectives:

  1. Apply a philosophical systems to a contemporary ethical problem- Course Objectives 3
  2. Compose a personal ethical argument- Course Objective 1
  3. Define a personal ethical philosophy- Course Objective 4


1. Read the provided articles on Miriam Weeks.

2. Write a seven page essay in which in which you analyze the morality of pornography, using the case of Miriam Weeks, a porn actress who attends Duke University.  In the essay, provide a summary of the overall ethical perspective you are using, clearly explain your reasoning in regards to these particular issues, and be internally consistent.  After reviewing the provided information, answer the following questions:

  • Is engaging in sex acts for entertainment of the public different than engaging in athletic contests for entertainment of the public, since they both involve the use of bodies for the vicarious enjoyment of others?
  • Is there a moral difference between two actors simulating a sex act and actually performing a sex act in a movie?
  • Is engaging in sex acts publicly different than eating food in public, since both are ways of satisfying human appetites?
  • What public displays of sexuality (hand holding, kissing, fondling, nudity, intercourse) do you find morally acceptable?  How do you define the boundaries?  What is your reasoning?
  • Do you consider the occupational choice of Ms. Weeks to be ethical or unethical?

Due by May 5

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