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CJCU 434 Midterm

Please respond to each question and upload your work by midnight Sunday of Week 4. Replies to each question should be at least 1 well written paragraph but no longer than 2.

  • Describe how a Police Department and Law Enforcement as a profession can increase their cultural competence.
  • Define the term “Minority Group” and briefly describe some of the documented changes in U.S. population characteristics between 2000 and 2010.
  • Define the terms “Immigrant” and “Refugee”, and briefly compare and contrast the two.
  • Describe the Violence Against Women Act and how it has changed Police Officer responses to incidents of domestic violence?
  • Describe the three different types of racism found within the Law Enforcement Workforce.
  • Describe the tips Sondra Thiederman provides organizational managers on conflict resolution and how this can be useful to law enforcement?
  • Define and briefly describe some of the various workforce issues confronting women in Law Enforcement.
  • List and explain briefly some of the recruitment difficulties that law enforcement agencies experience.

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