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questions from 1 to 15 are short answer.

1- provide a comprehensive definition of entrepreneurship?

2- explain and discuss the “dark side” of entrepreneurship?

3- not all corporate entrepreneurial behavior is good for the organization, why ?

4- global thinking important to today’s entrepreneurs, why ?

5- identity and describe two (2) arenas of creativity, as proposed by researcher William Miller ?

6-Identify and explain the three (3) critical factors in a new venture assessment?

7- Explain the new-old approach to creating new ventures?

8- define and explain the difference between a public offering and a private placement?

9- Identify and describe three (3) objective of venture capitalists?

10- identify and describe two (2) of the pricing models partinent to the social media age?

11-define break-even analysis and identify some useful methods for finding the break-even point?

12- how does a business plan benefit the entrepreneur?

13- does strategic planning pay off?

14- list four(4) questions to ask before making a potential purchase and explain why each is important?

15-Identify the five (5) qualities or characteristics that successors should possess?

all of those answer in the book that

Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, and Practice; 10th Edition (2016)

Donald F. Kuralto
Cengage Learning
ISBN-10: 1305576241 / ISBN-13: 978-1305576247

questions # 16 and 17 are essays pages 567 to 574 the same case study assigned for semester project – answer the following questions in essay form.

for q 16 and 17 look at attachment

16- assess the pros and cons of entering into the Proton Cancer Therapy Center deal.

17- analyze five (5) of the sources of funding available for new ventures and their applicability to the Proton Cancer Therapy Center.

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