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Response the the following text

John Ames who was born in 1880 wrote the novel Gilead. This novel is
addressing a letter written by Ames to his son. According to my
perception, Ames has selfless love to his family that is why he keeps
his condition secret from his son and wife. Throughout this novel, Ames
mediated on his childhood life and his old life experiences taking into
consideration the history of America. The novelist is a responsible
father and a husband, and that is why he feels desperate and hurt that
he will leave nothing to his family ones he goes to God.

Ames is a righteous man, who thinks of the rights and freedom of a
person, this is illustrated when he accepted his brother who was an
atheist no matter the ideological differences that occurred in their
family as a result of religious doctrines. He was a preacher just like
his father, and through this, he is a man of belief, he considers water
as a symbol of purity which should be used in baptism. Ames thought
about compared loneliness to his work, just because Ames was a minister,
and had very little association. He thought of how he loved baseball
but still fell lonely. It was because of the loneliness he experienced
that he accepted Tobias to be a friend to his son so they may share
ideas and play together.

The letter is full of pain, pity, he felt weak during a sermon,
thinking about how influenza could kill and at the same time seeing his
end time, this is an illustration of his sadness as he was soon
departing from his loved ones. This entire story had been based on an
actual life experience which brings emotions to the reader. He was a
preacher who used to explain death to people who usually asked him, but
then it was his turn.

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