english 1st step essay

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Please choose one of the essays below to complete your Literature Analysis essay this week. Complete your Literature Journal on the essay you choose.

Sedaris PDF.pdf

Wu pdf.pdf

Soto pdf.pdf


Reading Journal

Step 1 Read the Essay choices

Step 2 Choose one to focus on

Step 3 Write Annotations

While reading, please write notes. You will use these notes later in the week.

Step 4 Write your 1 page journal entry

Answer ONE of the following questions in your journal entry:

    Please write a 275 word journal about this selection.

    Please respond to one of the following prompts in a complete 1 page journal entry. You must use direct quotes to support your ideas.

    • Pick one character and explain what their desire and focus is in the essay.
    • Pick a pair of characters and explain the nature and reason for their relationship.
    • Explain the writing style and why it is effective.
    • Explain what intention the author may have had in writing the piece.

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