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Topic: End of term exam ( Black Studies)
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(1 ) Following medical experimentation of the blacks during colonial America, how has the Tuskegee syphilis study continued this tradition in its various, dynamic and unethical ways( Summarize the entire study, then discuss it’s intentions, the idea of being “conspiracy theory” the miracle that occurred,and the outcome of the study with an original argument about the experiment. Be specific and mention prominent figures involved.
(2) Regarding the “Black stork” ( Harriet A. Washington) and ” Racism, Birth control,and Reproductive Rights”(Angela Davis), what were the different arguments and discussions of both authors in terms of negative eugenics, media, and social programs involved with the sterililization of black women? ( include discussion about Margaret Sanger, preferences of bith control in light on behalf of black women ,important black leaders and specific practices that took place)
(3) To what extent does Alondra Nelson argue and confer about the Black Panther Party and how they respond to medical exploitation and medical experimentation of blacks in various parts of the U.S.? ( Discuss the origins , who the black panther studied how the BPP developed their various agencies and for their purpose , how these agencies i.pa ten lack communities and America at large)
(4) Identify and discuss the four – part thesis of Washington’s Epilogue. ( Discuss the overall idea of iatrophobia, how the media field mirrored U.S. society at large , the issues of consent , the importance of White American being positively and negatively
involved in the the Healthcare and health statuses of black America and her three proposed solutions at the conclusion. )
Info: 3 to 4 pages in all at least 2 to 3 paragraphs for each question .

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