Editorial Analysis​ about Trump Wants to Make America White Again

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Hi, I need you to write Editorial Analysis based on the attachment that I already wrote and it is about “Trump Wants to Make America White Again” exactly from this link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/15/opinion/trump-w…

Also, I can attach you an example to make everything clear and if you have any question feel free to ask.

Essay Structure

The first paragraph of your essay will provide an overview of the issue discussed in your editorial. It should open with a hook to grab the reader’s attention, and then tell why the issue is relevant and what makes the issue debatable.

The second paragraph introduces the editorial and its publisher, identifies the editorial’s claim and supporting reasons, and sets up your assessment of the editor to make a successful argument in your thesis. Reminder: This paper is not about your position on the issue, only your position on the editorial. Your thesis sentence will answer two questions: is the argument made in the editorial convincing? Why or why not?

The body of your essay will discuss the author’s ethos, and use of pathos (emotional appeals) and logos (logical appeals).

Once you have drafted the middle section of your paper, move on to a strong conclusion that restates the thesis and sums up the essay’s main points.

Your Works Cited page should include your researched support and editorial sources.

Assignment Requirements

  • Intriguing and memorable title that reflects the issue discussed in the editorial
  • Opening paragraph hooks the reader and gives an overview of the issue at hand
  • Second paragraph introduces the editorial and its publisher and summarizes the article
  • Clear thesis statement that tells overall whether or not the author of the editorial makes a successful argument and why/why not
  • Body paragraphs discuss the editorial’s persuasiveness in terms of the rhetorical triangle
  • Essay integrates the editorial as evidence using things like summary, signal phrases, and well executed in-text citations
  • Conclusion restates the thesis and overall conclusions about the success of the text
  • Essay employs tone appropriate for an academic audience
  • Length: 3-5 pages
  • complete and correctly formatted works-cited page
  • The essay demonstrates clear understanding and execution of MLA formatting conventions including margins, headers, and in-text citations as well as understanding an execution of English grammar, mechanics, and spelling

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