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Pretend you are working for a design firm on a project requiring you to develop a magazine. You are well on your way to designing the magazine when suddenly the client tells you that the budget has been reduced and changes have to be made to meet the new budget.


  • In this situation, you would need to write a change-of-scope document.
  • Taking your own project plan, find 3 requirements, and invent changes to those requirements with the goal of reducing the cost.
  • They do not have to be actual changes the client has requested.
  • The goal for this Discussion Board is to give you the chance to write a change-of-scope document.
  • Write a memo listing revisions to requirements/changes that were requested by the client and that explain the necessary adjustments to the project plan. Attach your document to the post.
  • Then, explain a real-life example of a situation in which you were doing one thing and had to change course because the budget was reduced. It could be anything.
    • Perhaps you were shopping using a list, and you did not have enough cash to buy the groceries.
    • Perhaps you brought your car to the shop, and the mechanic quoted a price beyond your budget.
    • Be sure to discuss how the change in budget impacted what you were able to do.
      • What options are available to a project manager when the budget gets reduced?
      • Must the project team always remove items from the scope, or are there other alternatives?

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