Diversity culture in USA. I’ve attached the reading. Please read the directions and the readings

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Directions: Please answer the following questions below. Refer to the Humyn Behavior – Oppression, Socialization & Speciesism readings as you develop your responses: #5 (pp. 35-45), #6 (pp. 45-52), and Speciesism article (http://www.animal-ethics.org/ethics-animals-section/speciesism/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). For the online article, you are encouraged to read as much as you like for supplemental reading. I would encourage you to read at least the opening page of this article.

1. List and provide an example for each of the 5 “faces of oppression in today’s society. Explain and justify your example.

2. Provide one social identity you hold and describe an example of socialization into that identity at the individual, institutional, and social/cultural levels.

3. In your own words, define speciesism. Who/What would represent the dominant group? Who/What would represent the subordinate group?

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