Discussion question, and a 2 page report answering 2 questions. Original, we-written responses

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Question (300 WORDS MINIMUM, use powerpoint and lecture to help answer the questions in addition to your own research)

Q2. Explain the International Fisher Effect (IFE). What are the implications of the IFE for firms with excess cash that consistently invest in foreign Treasury bills? Also, what is the rationale for the existence of the IFE?


  • Cite all your sources per APA (both in the body and at the end of the report)
  • Professional papers are written in passive voice or as a third person. Omit “I”, “we”.
  • Quality is more important than quantity. Approximate length of this report should be 2 pages, answering the following 2 questions.
    1. Compare and contrast transaction exposure and economic exposure.
    2. During the Asian crisis in 1998, there were rumors that China would weaken its currency (the yuan) against many currencies in the U.S. and in Europe. This caused investors to sell stocks in Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Offer an intuitive explanation for such an effect. What types of Asian firms would be affected the most?

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