Discussion post and classmate response

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Two part:

Part A. Discussion question -Your initial post to the given topic of discussion should contain minimum 250 -300 max word count. APA format and minimum of 2–3 peer-reviewed references..

Part B. respond to two Class mate. Please keep answer 150 max word count.

Please keep response separated.

Part A.

Clinical Trials: Exploring The Clinical Trials Website

The Clinical Trials website (https://clinicaltrials.gov/) is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. Search the website for any trials of small interfering (inhibitory) (siRNA). Based on your findings, about how many clinical trials involve siRNA? Click on the tab to list the trials by topic. What types of topics are being research? Click on the tab “On Map.” Which country has the most siRNA clinical trials? Click on the tab “Search Details.” Are there terms related to siRNA that you could use to search the Clinical Trials registry and database? Once your material is posted, be sure to review and comment on at least two of your peers postings.

Part B

Student (S.B.)

There are 57 past and current clinical studies focusing on siRNA. Many of these studies are conducted to find possible means of treating a variety of cancer. All over the world on every continent with the exception of South America and Antarctica studies have been or are currently being conducted on the topic of siRNA. The leader in siRNA clinicals trials is the United States with 29, followed closely by Europe with 22 clinical trials. Surprisingly, Russia does not have a single siRNA clinical trial listed currently. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d.)

Interestingly, siRNA studies have be linked to 226 different conditions. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d.). In research conducted in Japan siRNA was studied as a means to help with “Crohn’s disease patients with mucosal lesions”(Suzuki, et al., 2017). Other studies focus on breast cancer, such as the research on Dual-functionalized graphene oxide for enhanced siRNA delivery to breast cancer cells. (Imani et al., 2016). It appears that prior attempts at utilizing siRNA to help medical conditions is definitely expanding and see some success.

Student (A.H.)

siRNA has been a major accomplishment in the medical industry as a method to alter the expression of genes using RNA interference. siRNA was originally discovered when virus silencing in plants was initially discovered as a genome defense (Carthew & Sontheimer, 2009). This type of genetic tampering has been found to be extremely useful due to its ability to inhibit or stop certain genetic diseases. In the future with more work siRNA will be useful in combating diseases such as cancer, in-vitro and other diseases that have the potential to detrimental to human health. The delivery system of siRNA is broken down into two categories viral and non-viral while the most popular method for delivery is through lipids and peptides. There are currently many trials occurring which will be targeted to treat immunostimulation, target cell delivery, and serum stability. Although siRNA has the potential to help with multiple diseases there are not safe and effective delivery systems which would yield the best results for patients and prove effective for medical facilities to implement (Dana, Chalbatani, Mahmoodzadeh, Karimloo, Rezaiean, Moradzadeh & Gharagouzlo, 2017).

After selecting the clinical trials database, I was able to come to the conclusion that there were 57 siRNA cases available on the website. The top 3 topics with the most conducted studies were Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma and lastly Carbohydrate metabolism, Inborn error. The United States has the most siRNA clinical trials followed closely by Europe with 22. Based on the map it could be assessed that countries that are more developed are conducting clinical trials. If I were looking to refine my research based on the database I could use search terms such as single, solid tumor, targeting and tolerability (Clinical Trials, n.d.).

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