discussion history assignment

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Part 1

1. How did events in the eighteenth century lead to industrialization in the nineteenth century? What was the most important catalyst for industrialization?

2. Discuss the significance of the Factory Act of 1833 and the Mine Act 1842?

3.. Compare and contrast the impact of the Industrial Revolution on men and women. How was family life affected by industrialization?

4. How did industrialization change the urban environments?

Part 2

1. The American Revolution never went through the radical phases that the French Revolution did. Yet, the nineteenth-century French government was more conservative than the nineteenth-century U.S. government. Explain.

2. What similarities and differences do you see between the nineteenth-century revolutions in Latin America and their French and American predecessors?.

3.Why was Louis XVI placed on trial and eventually executed in January 1793.

4. Why did the Jacobin’s under Robespierre and the Committee of Paris institute the Reign of Terror? What does the Terror tell you about revolutions in general?

_Each part has to be separate because each part has a different subject

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