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this question is a discussion question just needs to be 150 words.

Question 1

Failure to Properly Investigate Crime Chapter 5

DB #2: If the first letter of your last name begins within the first 13 letters of the

alphabet, write Essay Question #1 in Chapter 5 and then fully provide an answer.

If the first letter of your last name begins within the last 13 letters of the alphabet

write Essay Question #3 in Chapter 5 and then fully provide an answer.

Write a response on the discussion from this students answer make this at least 150 words

Question 2


Private security always had core objectives of protection, service, and investigation. Even in ancient times there were always a need of such. However, the intentions of those who employ private security sectors broadened the aspects of private security to include much more than simple protection, servitude, and problem solving. For instance, Egyptians had building projects to protect, Pharaohs to secure, and crimes to solve. Romans had Senators and their families to protect as well, but private security forces became political and were able to hold power. In modern times, with the industrialization age, many private security sectors became enshrined in private companies and their motives like shipping and factory protection. Then came the world wars and the cold war which revolutionized the private security forces in America and abroad where intelligence was major in the fundamentals of private security which the government and institutions relied heavily on the private security sector for not only intel but for the execution of objectives behind the scenes that would be controversial in a military or law enforcement sector.

However, the objectives still stayed the same, what changed was the means of it all. Where law enforcement focused merely on emergencies and focused on reaction, private security lean more on the side of protecting assets father than enforce the law. Also, law enforcement has government paid institutions to not only train those officers, but accredit them with the certification of being able to enforce. Private security sectors may have components where new employees have to go into training but not all. For example, I am involved in private security myself. I provide security for night club businesses in the Charleston area and I did not have to have any prior experience and was involved in rigorous on the job training which lasted only one shift. If I did not sufficiently meet the subjective requirements by my boss or the owners of the business, I would be asked to never return. Actually, I compete for my job ever shift and I am always learning something new every day when it comes to interaction with customers, fellow employees, as well as emergency personnel. Even with little experience, for working with the company for a complete year, I have risen in the ranks and soon will hold an area management position which in consideration I have no security training nor do I have a certified training experience in hand to hand combat, false identification, possible terror threats, and so on. I am going off of sheer instinct.

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