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Student A

I think that some people do not want to exercise because it stinks!! It is challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable. I think that one has to be in a certain mindset to start and continue to exercise, mind over matter. If one sticks with it just long enough to see and even more so feel the rewards of it more people would do it, because it feels so good and is so rewarding. It is one thing that we can thank ourselves for and praise ourselves for doing. It’s a very personal thing where you have control over it and overcoming the getting started period is huge!

I also think that people are not as realistic about it going in as they should. We want the results now and want it to be much easier than it will ever be. But if one makes a plan that works for them and starts on their terms, when they are ready, it will be easier and there may be more patience involved in the process of moving towards a healthier life.

Student B

Hello class, i believe there are many reasons why humans decide not to exercise the first would be too much happening too soon you can go from not doing anything to doing something such as going to the gym for a week or even running for couples days it came out of nowhere and can burn out that individual soon. Another would be having to change up your diet and giving up certain foods that sometime we cant give up it is hard and then the amount of money spent on healthy foods a healthy lifestyle does not come cheap. We always tend to hear performing exercises can prevent this and that and someone who is being told this without and results does not believe to back it up is not even going to try and think it is a waste of time. To end it can all come down to drive and motivation and that end goal you have to have the right mindset. Exercise has been known to make you feel good and look better but in this world everyone tends to be busy and overlook taking care of them self and making time.

Please and Thank You.

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