DISCUSSION 4: Recruiting And Selecting Employees

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Discussion 4: Recruiting and Selecting Employees

Welcome to discussion 4. This week we will explore the recruitment process as well as what is involved in the effective employee selection process. Recruiting is a means by which organizations can deal with shortages in human resource needs. The selection process is the system an organization uses to select applicants that will best meet the organizations needs.

Course Materials:
  • Read Chapter 7 and 8 in your Human Resource Management Textbook.
Initial Post: (Minimum 300 words)

Answer the following questions in a scholarly post of 300 words or more.

  • Why is it important to have an accurate and well-written job descriptions and job specifications when recruiting job applicants? Why should a selection method be both valid and reliable? What could happen legally if a company uses a section method that lacks these characteristic?

Please be sure to utilize the reading materials (and any outside sources) to support your position(s), utilize proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, and include proper APA citation format (in-text and reference list) in your post.

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