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discussion 4
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See the syllabus for the readings and due dates. As always, please cut and paste this to your word processor. Type your answers in to this assignment (this makes sure you answer every part of the
assignment) and then post to the discussion board. This assignment will be graded using the discussion participation rubric. Remember the first person to use a quote or idea “owns” it. If you wish
to use the same quote or idea you must give credit to those who posted before you, just as you would do for a professional journal.
Congratulations. The advice you gave the CEO in the last assignment has proven to be very useful. Several months have passed and you CEO is now a respected leader in the national organization. He
is so respected that he was asked to recommend someone to assist Senate leaders in preparing for the coming debate over the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He has chosen to
recommend you. You will form part of a committee assigned to assist the Senate Majority or Minority leader.
Students whose last names begin with A-H will be advising Senator McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. Students whose last names begin with I-Z will be advising Senator Schumer the Senate
Minority Leader..
In preparation for the first meeting of your committee you have been asked to BRIEFLY prepare the following.
1. Understand and correctly use the twelve key concepts found in Exercise on page 296.
2. One are area that chapter 9 does not address is that of goals. Organizations are organized for the purpose of achieving goals. These goals in turn are related to values and norms. Values are
long-term and strategic in nature. For example, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Norms are behavioral guides to achieving these values. In the debate over the confirmation of Judge
A. What are the values your party should attempt to achieve?
B. What norms of behavior should guide your efforts?
3. Sources of Power
A. What are the sources of power upon which your party can draw?
B. What sources of power are available to the opposition?
3. Strategy is concerned with ultimate goals. Tactics are what one does to achieve those goals. The power games are tactics. Examine the games found on page 270 of the text.
A. Which two games are most likely to be successful for your party in achieving its goals?
B. Which two games are least likely to be successful for your party in achieving it’s goals?
C. Which games can you expect the opposition to use in attempting the achieve their goals.
4. Review the steps found in page 294 on ‘Managing with Power: Seven steps to its effective use.”
Based on steps 1-6 , choose and describe an ethical course of action to achieve your goals.
The confirmation hearings for Judge Gorsuch may go on for some time. I recommend that you keep an eye on them and compare what you have learned in this lesson with what happens in practice.

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