**Discussion 4

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Identify the skills of the leader that are key in leading a team to move a company toward a social entrepreneurial model.

  1. Investigate Hot Bread Kitchen
    1. Find Hot Bread Kitchen on the Internet (http://hotbreadkitchen.org/)
    2. What is their mission and vision?
    3. Who leads Hot Bread Kitchen and what was the motivation to start the company?
    4. What impact does Hot Bread Kitchen hope to have on stakeholders?
    5. Analyze their leadership style and qualities of Jessamyn W. Rodriguez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    6. What other leaders in the company hold the vision and support the social entrepreneurial model?

2. Discuss:

    1. Where would you start in developing a team to move your company into a social entrepreneurial focus?
    2. Who would you want on your team?
    3. How would get engagement from others in the company in seeing and embracing the vision?
    4. What particular leadership skills would enhance success of the move
    5. What challenges do you anticipate
    6. What methods would you use to address the challenges

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