Discussion 07: Promoting Patient Involvement

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Somewhat opposite of patient involvement is patient noncompliance, someone who does not take his/her prescribed medications, has missed numerous clinic appointments, does not follow the physician’s instructions in regards to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Meet Mr. Wontdothat.

Imagine that you have been tasked with caring for him (as a healthcare giver or family member) who is now hospitalized due to not following his/her plan of care. Applying the concepts presented in week six PowerPoint, “The Grief of Change.” In addition, find one reliable source (can be NAU library or other source but must be referenced) to identify barriers to Mr. Wontdothat’s care and how you might go about improving the situation for the patient.

In addition, ask one question about this topic for others to answer and/or clarify. When responding to others, add at least one concept they did not mention.

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