discuss the evolutionary importance of culture as a hominin adaptation

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Question: Discuss the evolutionary importance of culture as a hominin adaptation. What is the earliest evidence for cultural behavior? How did it enhance selective fitness? Compare the evolutionary fates of cultural hominins with the hominins that do not appear to ?


In an essay, respond to one (and only one) of the questions below. (Do not combine the questions into a single essay and do not write short answers to all the questions).

Your essay should be at least three pages and should not exceed five pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins). Please remember that your answer is in the form an essay. An essay is not a two-sentence response, but rather a well- developed argument supported by citations of evidence. I emphasize that you must support your arguments by citing evidence from the texts or lectures. An essay gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what you know; don’t be terse. If you are uncertain how to write an essay and/or develop a written argument, please visit howtowriteanessay.com. It is not necessary to consult any sources other than the assigned readings and lectures. Any outside sources used should supplement, rather than replace, the assigned readings. Using only outside sources, without use of the assigned materials, will result in a grade of “F.” If you do use additional sources, be sure to cite them in a list of sources at the end of your essay. Any direct quotes be identified as such, and complete citation data given (author, work, pages). Do not use online resources, such as Wikipedia, or other “popular” sites, including web pages hosted at universities. You may use online scientific journals that are accessed through the University library, but (per above), you should use them to supplement, rather than replace, the assigned readings. If you quote material from one of the course lectures or presentations, cite the lecture number or title, and the page or pages where the material is to be found. Citations of lectures and Powerpoint presentations should give the title of the lecture (or Presentation). Your essay must be original and your own work.


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