Digital Media Diet Journal

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This assignment requires that you go off smartphones/ offline/ off social media/ chatting software, in addition to television, videotapes, movies, computers, video games, radio, compact discs, tape players, books, newspapers, and magazines for 7 days. Every day, your media exposure cannot exceed one hour (including, music, games, TV, chats, Social media etc.,). You can choose any 7 consecutive days to implement your project. Once you start, you are not allowed to stop. If you do so, you start the7 days diet allover again. It is preferred that you go for a non-smart phone and stop viewing listening on your computer.

During this period, you are encouraged to commit to pausing your media consumption for 7 days- all violations should be noted and entered into your journal on an hourly basis.

During the days of the digital media diet you need to start write a daily journal responding to each one of the below questions as per the table in page 2 of this assignment.

  1. Your thoughts on how doable the diet is and if you can continue in the assignment – what is the hardest part/time for today?
  2. What are the moments of temptation and how did you manage to distract yourself, what were you tempted to do?
  3. How did you use the time that you spared away from media?
  4. How different /similar to the previous day was your sleep routine? Food consumption/ quality/ frequency/ quantity?
  5. What was the most valuable piece of information you have learned in the hour of media exposure?
  6. Your productivity and ability to focus compared to the previous day. any average day.

Your responses have to be complete, articulate, well-though of and honest. It has to show reflection and consideration.

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