Desrciptive Research

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Please respond to question:

1. How does descriptive research differ from qualitative research and quantitative research? Provide an example of a descriptive research question in education, and the possible outcome.

Please reply to student discussion board: (300 to 500 words)

Student A: One research study that would be good for qualitative research would be a case study on a group of like students. For example, you are looking at how students with single parents value school throughout elementary school. This type of study would require interviews with the student and narratives from the student which classifies it as a qualitative research study.

One research study that would be good for quantitative research would be if looping students with the same teacher for two years affects test scores. This study would need the test score data from the students in the looping class along with the test score data from a compare classroom.

One research study that would be good for a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research would be if students performed better on tests if they like the classes they are in. In this study, you would need the data from the tests the students are taking along with the qualitative research of their opinions of their classes.

Student B: Descriptive research studies may provide information on what, why, and how things are happening in schools (Lauer, 2006). Its purpose is to describe. Quantitative research is data that can be measured with numbers while qualitative research focuses on the “why” rather than the “what” using inquiry and observations as well as surveys.

A descriptive research someone could use would be, how do primary teachers teach writing in the classroom? The researcher would observe primary teachers actually teaching writing. The researcher would then describe the things teachers do during writing lessons. This would be great information for the teachers as well as administrators to see how writing lessons are taught in the primary grades.

Lauer, Patricia A. (2006) An education research primer: How to understand, evaluate, and use it. Retrieved from

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