Desperate Air: What would you do if you were in Mr. Nash’s situation, business and finance homework help

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Purpose: To consider what ethical responsibilities managers have to their firm and employees, their customers, the community, their families and to themselves.

Read the case titled Desperate Air and compose a two-page (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman) statement of what you would do if you were in Mr. Nash’s situation.

Hint: You may wish to note similarities to the ethical dilemma illustrated in the Seglin article and the RDCAR process mentioned in the course introduction.

In this writing, you must incorporate the Consequential theory, Deontological theory and the RDCAR five-step process.  It must be written in first person, and no more than 2 pages long.  Please include references. 

“The RDCAR (Recognition, Discovery, Cognition, Action and Reflection) process-oriented model used in this course aims to be both proactive and adaptive in the spirit of learning organization theory and continuous improvement methods. It is designed to facilitate individual and organizational learning through ethical discourse in open cultures that encourage inquiry and promote trust. Rather than placing focus on low impact formal training, this process-oriented approach aims to understand how real ethical incidents may arise, how they may be addressed and be subsequently eliminated while the individual and enterprise are better prepared to successfully address future challenges.

We can apply the RDCAR framework in at least three ways. The first entails a stepwise review of the ethical components of a recurring particular business practice or business decision. The second examines an incident or specific case that is either in process, completed, or hypothetical. The third and perhaps most systemic application is to realize its potential as an integral component of an ongoing management process capable of refinement and improvement in dynamic environments.”

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