Dementia –

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Please write a smart title for this poster which describe the research question in a small title
–    Under Background ( 100 words)
Please use 3 dot points about my topic dementia With references
–    Under Relevance of the problem( 100 words )
Please explain using 3 dot points why this question is important ( which is my research question : Does regular physical activity help to minimise the risk of the onset of dementia in older people living in the community? With references
–    Under Research question
Just write the research question in bold
–    Under Five relevant key message from your project (150 words)
Please write five messages (or findings) (not the results) to the audience about what do you want to tell them after doing this project. Important words make the bold ( you must use just the 4 articles that you have used it before to reference these messages)
–    Under Recommendations for areas such as: clinical practice, research, education, policy (150 words )
–    – Use the previous 4 references and additional two references to
Write dot points talks about one or two topics which are
1-    Clinical practice
2-     Research
3-     Education
4-     Policy
–    Under Discuss implementation of your results to improve clinical practice, and/or education, and/or policy(400-500 words)
–    Write about 2 of (clinical practice, and/or education, and/or policy)
Focusing on the RNs in 2 paragraphs and each paragraph 2 references, for example
-Clinical practice 200 words
-Education 200 words
–    Under Part B ( 500 words )
–    Think about what you have learned in this subject. Discuss how you think this knowledge could influence your clinical practice as a newly qualified Registered Nurse. Please write in 3rd person and use references as relevant.
–    Write about 3 or 4 topics from the following topics
–    : Research Question
–      Analyse Findings
–      Implement Research Plan
–      Translate Evidence to Practice
–      Poster design; Implementation
–      Disseminate Evidence
–      Ethical Issues
–      Lead Evidence Use
Marking guide
Criteria    HIGH DN
85- 100%
PART A     exceptional, analytical identification of background & RQ.
5 key messages are exemplary demonstrate original thought, exceptional level of analysis
Exceptional critical recommendations; and how the student’s practice would change.
Discussion and analysis of review outcomes demonstrates exceptional analysis, incorporates multiple perspectives, innovative implications for practice.
PART B    Exceptional critical description and exemplary understanding about how the course learning will influence practice as a new RN.
Quality    Exceptional creative flair in layout; impressive use of colour.
Succinctly expresses insightful and original thought using exemplary poster presentation skills.

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