Deliverable 7 – Effective Leadership – Must be a newly written document and nothing used from a previouly written document

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You have become comfortable with contemporary leadership competencies
and feel it is time to open your own small business. As a future
business owner, you know that all organizations must be well managed and
that effective leadership is at the core of ensuring that a business
runs smoothly. Reflect on the following questions and write a 3-5 page
report to help you solidify your thinking and describe your plan for
running a small business.

  • Refer to the DISC behavioral characteristics you identified for
    yourself in module 01. How will you use two of these characteristics
    (i.e., values, culture, mission, and vision) to shape your small
  • Employees are a business’s greatest asset. Refer to the best
    leader traits/skills/tactics you identified in module 02. How will you
    mentor the informal and formal leaders that you hire?
  • Identify the leader theory from module 03 that fits you best. How
    can this leader theory help you align business goals, customer
    expectations, and employee objectives?
  • Refer to the challenges to leading change that you selected in
    module 04. Identify two of these challenges. How will you address these
    challenges to minimize risk for your new business?
  • Utilizing the facilitative leadership skills you studied in
    module 05, discuss the three facilitative leadership skills that you
    think are the most important for your business. How will you incorporate
    what you learned about facultative leadership into your business so
    that employees can successfully run meetings and projects?
  • Refer to the leadership skills you presented in module 06, as
    well as the other concepts you’ve studied in the course (e.g., leader
    traits, leadership theory, and facilitative leadership skills). How will
    you use these to ensure effective leadership in your small business?

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