CV for a fresh graduate with no experience (environmental engineer)

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this is my info if you need more tell me

I am a fresh graduate student at German University of Technology from 2013 to 2018 .I have a bachelor degree B.Sc. in Environmental engineering

High school diploma from Qurum private school, Muscat, Oman (2010-2013)

name:nujoom hamdan alamri

leave space for mobile number

with 2 pages

Remember you always have your cover letter for interesting and engaging information.My personal profile should be written in third person. This means that you should not include ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’, ‘He’ or ‘She’. This increases the flow and readability of the paragraph.

as you know the personal profile is one of the most important part.

I have no work experience this will be my first position .but I have trained in two companies I mentioned the name and duration in the dox.

about the layout :

A well laid out CV dictates how a recruiter will read it. CVs should not only have a lot of relevant information, but be created in a way that makes good use of white space, featuring clear and consistent headlines, using bullet points to highlight skills, achievements and other relevant information

I attach more info in dox. (i listed most of the courses but not necessary to add them all)

leave space for reference I will list them down

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