Cuyamaca College Compare Graded and Action Potentials Discussion Questions

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Answer these questions: The answer for each question should be one page long:

1. Compare the synthesis, storage transport of location of receptors and cellular mechanism of action catecholamine, thyroid, peptide and steroid hormones.

2. Discuss the six anterior pituitary hormones, their primary targets and the hormones which control their release.

3. Compare the long-loop negative feedback for the anterior pituitary hormones to the negative feedback loops for insulin and parathyroid hormone.

4. Explain the three most common types of endocrine pathologies.

5. Discuss how the concept of cell-to-cell communication as it applies to the endocrine system.

6. Discuss how the concept of cell-to-cell communication as it applies to the nervous system.

7. Discuss the role of the Na+K+ pump in maintaining the membrane potential of a cell.

8. Explain how Ohm’s law relates to our Core Concept of flow-down gradients.

9. Compare graded and action potentials.

10. Discuss the role of Na+ and K+ channels in generating an action potential.

11. Explain how antagonistic control is a hallmark of the autonomic nervous system.

12. Compare nicotinic cholinergic, muscarinic cholinergic, and adrenergic receptors.

13. Compare the two main types of alpha receptors and the three main types of beta receptors.

14. Compare the anatomy and chemical communication of the somatic motor, parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions.

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