Current Pandemic Through Psychology Lens

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select (3) outside readings that will help you think through the current pandemic through the lens of the course and its concepts and annotate those readings with an eye to its psychosocial dimensions.

Here are some resources to help orient you to annotating sources, a tremendously important skill for paper-writing and research:

  1. Purdue OWL Annotated Bibliography Samples
  2. University of New South Wales Annotated Bibliography
  3. Skidmore College, “Writing an Annotated Bibliography”

For each of the THREE (3) annotations: Spend at least 2-3 sentences summarizing the main idea of the article, the central argument, the point of the article/podcast/document’s existence. What has it been published to do? Devote an other two or three sentences on your evaluation of the source–obviously, you didn’t choose it because you hated it, but address what drew you to it theoretically/analytically and what some of its limitations might be. Finally, spend another sentence or two on how the piece is useful for understanding a particular application of the concepts to practice in the medical field.

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