Critique a Sample Speech Outline

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Attached is a sample speech outline for a speech about the Titanic.

Review the entire Informative Speech outline; and using the criteria found in your readings and lecture for this week, analyze and critique the author’s speech organization, supporting materials, and outline structure. Consider some of the following questions in your analysis:

  1. Based on the outline, does the speaker consider the audience in her speech? If yes, in what way(s). Please explain.
  2. What primary organizational pattern (e.g., spatial, chronological, causal, comparison, narrative, topical, etc.) does the speaker employ? Is this an appropriate pattern to use? Please explain.
  3. What type(s) of support (e.g., narrative, statistics, examples, definitions, analogies, etc.) does the speaker include throughout the outline? Are these types of support appropriate based on her speech topic?
  4. What additional types of support would be appropriate for this speech topic? (anything missing that would be useful?)
  5. Does the speaker include a compelling Introduction and Conclusion in her outline?
  6. What are the speaker’s main points?
  7. Does the outline follow a logical structure and include all necessary parts as noted in Chapter 11 of the textbook?

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