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Can someone please help me with these questions?! They are short answer, 2-3 sentences.. Thank you!

1-3 Are pertaining to Articles 1 and 2. I have attached those.

1.Having read both reports on the same event, what is the bias of each news source?

2.Focusing on the second article, what indicates to you that there is bias in this article?

3.Focusing on the first article, what indicates to you that there is a bias in this article?

Questions 4-6: For each of the following arguments, determine whether each is valid or invalid. If valid, determine whether it is deductive or inductive. If invalid, explain why.

4. My younger sister when to mom and told that I pushed her into the door that cut her cheek. But it didn’t happen. I never pushed her. She must’ve just walked into the door on her own.

5. It is still my belief that it is safest to buy bottled water rather than
drink from the tap. I’ve heard about the most recent studies, the ones
that say that bottled water is no purer than regular tap water. Yes, I
have read that chemicals in the plastic bottles can be leeched into the
water if they sit too long. But really, how can something coming from
the tap be as good? It just can’t be.

6. Whenever it rains at night, I can’t sleep. If I don’t sleep, my work suffers. If it rains at night, my work suffers.

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