Critical Elements on the Movie 12 Years A Slave

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The film I have chosen is 12 years a Slave

Be sure that your submission includes the following critical elements:

I. Represented Cultures: Describe two cultures or subcultures that are represented in the film. Include details to support your description of the cultures
or subcultures. Remember that a subculture is a smaller group with unique, shared norms and values within a larger culture.

II. Cultural Norms and Values: Identify the cultural norms and values that you observed for each culture or subculture, being sure to provide examples
from the film to support your identification.

III. Cultural Comparisons: Explain the similarities and differences that you observed between these cultures or subcultures.

IV. Cultural Difference: Describe a scene in which a cultural difference exists between characters and explain how that cultural difference affected their

V. Cultural Relativism: Practice the principles of cultural relativism throughout the discussions of cultures and subcultures, cultural values and norms, the
cultural comparisons, and the cultural differences present in the film.

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