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Criminal Justice: Securing the Land Borders and the Coastal
Waterways from Inter

Compare and contrast the process of
securing the land borders and the coastal waterways from international

Are there any similar principles

What are the glaring differences?

Which is more difficult to
accomplish and why?  

Prepare a 1 – 2 page, and using APA
style formatting, well structured essay and provide your assessment.

The body of your text will include
an introduction stating the purpose of your paper, several well-formulated paragraphs
of no less than five sentences with appropriate transition sentences between
them, and a conclusion bringing your paper to an orderly close

Your entire paper – from the layout
to the citations – must conform to APA format to include an abstract page
and a closing summary paragraph

Textbook: Alden, E. (2008). The
Closing of the American Border:  Terrorism, Immigration and Security since
9/11.  HarperCollins Publishing: NT, New York.

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