Cost of Capital and Efficient Capital Markets, Financial Management homework help

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Finance, 10th Edition 
Author: Stephen A. Ross,
Randolph W. Westerfield, and Jeffrey Jaffe

For five
points, a posting will thoughtfully consider and respond to the question, using
sound argumentation and clear prose. It will contain virtually no grammatical
errors or typos. Not only will such a post engage with the ongoing conversation
in a rhetorically suitable fashion, it will foster further discussion on the
topic, perhaps exploring new lines of argument or different perspectives. The
five-point post isn’t just a response; it’s proof that you are facilitating
learning both for yourself and your fellow students. (no more than 3 pages) add
at least 2 references

Cost of Capital and Efficient Capital Markets !!!!!!!

•  What are the sources of funds for a
corporation and what are the costs of those components of funds?

•  How a corporation can reduce its cost
of capital? Is the flotation cost optimal and what is the role of investment
banks in our firms financing?

•  What is the difference between
Investment-Saving schedule and WACC-Investment opportunities schedule?

•  Do you think that the financial
markets are efficient?

•  Can we predict the prices of an asset
or they follow random walks?

•  Do you know any evidence about market

Please respond to at least one other student’s
post by the end of the week !!!


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