Consumer Culture Analytic Reflection

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Assignment: Consumer Culture Analytic Reflection (#3)

Take the “Ecological Footprint Quiz” at

Using the information on consumer society in Ritzer and Stepnisky, as well as from the quiz link above, Ecological Footprint Quiz, in a .doc (Word) document of 300-500 OF YOUR OWN words, using APA format and citations (hint: any references cited throughout the course are in APA format!), write a report answering the following questions (PLEASE NOTE: Direct quotes are not permitted – paraphrase information and cite your sources):

  • What was your ecological footprint?
  • How does your footprint compare to the average footprint of the United States? (click Table View when you are done to compare earths and your specific footprints averages) How does your footprint compare to the global average of 1.5 earths?
  • Consider Baudrillard’s account of consumer society and the applications box of “The Death of Consumer Culture? If So, What Next?” (pps. 250-251 in 4th edition of your text). Given what you learned about your ecological footprint (and the footprint of those around you), how might this affect whether consumer culture continues or fades away? Alternatively, could consumer culture continue but look differently than the present consumer society?
  • Tie this altogether: What surprised you most about your ecological footprint? How does consumer culture affect it? How might you reduce your ecological footprint?

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