Considerations Impacting Research Efforts

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Charles Draper, Centervale’s Chief of Police, must
introduce policies that positively impact the control and management of
illegal immigration in his city. He is without the knowledge base needed
to develop policy and has turned to you for assistance with research in
one of the following areas:

  • Surveillance techniques:
    Chief Draper is aware of many surveillance techniques that can be
    utilized in tracking and controlling illegal immigrants in his city. The
    Chief would like information regarding the most successful surveillance
    techniques as demonstrated in published research. Specifically, you are
    to research and address, but are not limited to, the following
    surveillance technique examples: vehicle tracking, cell phone, e-mail,
    background checks, and computer and surveillance techniques.
  • Crime mapping: Chief
    Draper knows that many law enforcement agencies use crime-data mapping
    generated from within their own communities to allocate resources, as
    indicated by the data. In particular, the Chief would like to know how
    the data are generated and then how the data are applied to police
    tactics. Your research should include but is not limited to the
    following crime mapping areas: geographic information systems, census
    demographics, geographical profiles, and community and other crime
    mapping techniques.
  • Staffing needs: Draper believes that the problems
    associated with illegal immigration require quick response times, 24
    hours a day, seven days a week. He’s not sure that his staff is properly
    allocated for optimal response times. What types of research data and
    studies can the Chief consult? Where can he find the best resources to
    support the various shift and staffing patterns if and when the Chief
    decides to reallocate his staff? Specifically, you are to explore asset
    mapping which is a technique for determining what assets (human,
    organizational and fiscal) are available in the police department to
    address the key issue of illegal immigration used to provide the
    background information needed to conduct the staffing review and suggest
    appropriate changes to the existing policy.

Here’s What You Need To Do . . .

You are to specifically cite and reference the various
resources available to address these critical areas so that the Chief
has the appropriate research to make policy recommendations based on
what you have presented.

In reference to this assignment, please be as
comprehensive as possible in analyzing, evaluating and presenting your
objective findings that potentially will have current and future policy
implications. Your interpretation should be based on the findings, as
well as, evaluating the current situation and applying research findings
to support and/or reject the Chief’s request for information in these
respective critical areas.

Based on the media-based research data matrix you created in Module 2,
select one of the research areas identified above and prepare a 5–6
page memo to Chief Draper that addresses the Chief’s concerns. In your
memo you must:

  • Recommend research approaches or options that could fulfill the Chief’s information needs.
  • Provide a comparison of the two types
    of research designs that seem most appropriate for the Chief’s
    information needs supported by data from your media-based research data
  • Recommend good/reliable data sources.

Given the sensitive and possible controversial nature of
the policy, provide advice on cultural, ethical, or other
considerations that could impact research efforts and results. The
following databases are available to support your research.

  1. American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  2. International Association for Identification
  3. Law Enforcement National Data Exchange
  4. National Criminal Justice Reference Service
  5. National Institute of Justice

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