Confidentiality case study

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A counselor who is in independent practice was contacted by the representative of the health maintenance organization (HMO) with which he had a contract. The representative stated that the HMO would not extend benefits for one of the counselor’s clients unless the psychologist provided the HMO with the psychotherapy notes for that client. Knowing that his client needed and wanted to continue therapy, the therapist was faced with an ethical dilemma.What should the counselor do?

To answer this question you will need address the following five questions

  • What is the problem or dilemma (state this is 2 to 3 sentences)
  • In the ACA Code of Ethics, what are the moral principle (s) and standards that most apply to the case study? Summarize each briefly and how it applies to the case study.
  • Summarize from the HIPAA Primer, in one or two sentences, the most relevant information it provides about this case study.
  • State who would be the most appropriate consultant for you on this dilemma and why.
  • Then, briefly state one good solution to this ethical dilemma

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