Compute the following items:

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In the Financial Statements tab below are a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of retained earnings for Weaver Industries.

In addition to the financial statements, all customer sales are charge sales recorded in accounts receivable until collected.The long-term liabilities are all notes to the bank.All sales are made on terms of net due in 30 days.

1.Compute each of the follow items for both 2015 and 2014.

a.working capital

b.current ratio

c.acid-test ratio

d.accounts receivable turnover

e.collection period of receivables

f.inventory turnover

g.days to sell inventory

h.debt-to-equity ratio

i.times interest earned

2.With 2013 as the base year, calculate an index-number trend series for the following line items.


b.cost of goods sold

c.gross profit and administrative costs income

3.After completing your analysis in 1 and 2 above showing calculations and results, prepare a recommendation report on whether tomake a loan to Weaver Industries.Your recommendation must include support from your analysis above.Your report should be written in full sentences with relevant documentationwithin the body of the report.Be specific as to why you do or do not recommend a loan to this company.Remember, this is a business decision and saying “no” for good reasons is a correct decision.Also, saying “yes” for the right reasons is a correct decision.Even, “not at this time” is a valid decision with specific changesor improvements needed before a loan is possible.All three options are valid so choose and support one.

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