complete this sheet that it is presentation and my topic this is Electrical Engineering

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Persuasive Speech Outline



General Purpose: To persuade.

Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to/that….

Thesis:Electrical Engineering statement of your topic and angle…


I. Introduction

A. (Attention)

B. Thesis –

C. Connect Audience & Self to Topic

Personal Concern..

Concerns audience because …


II. Body

(Need) Current problem… (source)


B. (Satisfy Need) –


C. (Visualize– describe what the future will be like if things are changed or not

changed) – add sub-points as needed.

If it is not changed…

If it is changed…


III. Conclusion

Summary- brief summary of the ideas in the body

(Source #)

Changing our behavior can …

B. Concluding Statement (Action-encourage your audience to implement your

solution, adopt your attitude, change a behavior, etc.)

Works Cited:




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