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Coding conventions are extremely important to know about if you want to master ICD-10-CM coding. Begin by identifying “Coding Conventions.” Select three from this week’s reading and give an ID-10-CM diagnosis code where this convention is applicable. Don’t use the ones already in the textbook.


The Revenue Cycle

A revenue cycle is a process by which health care facilities and providers ensure their financial viability by increasing revenue. Explain the downstream impact that might occur for the patient if any of the processes in this cycle are not followed. Explain the impact that might occur to the cash flow of the facility or provider if any of the processes in this cycle are not followed.


Markets seek equilibrium, and the demand for goods and services will come to an equilibrium with supply of goods and services. When markets are not in equilibrium, surpluses and shortages, as well as underground markets, can exist. Sometimes, the government may want to intervene in markets to try to help reduce economic hardships.

Analyze the impact of an increase in the minimum wage from the current level to $15 per hour. How would the following be affected?

a. employment of people previously earning less than $15 per hour

b. the unemployment rate of teenagers

c. the availability of on-the-job training for low-skilled workers

d. the demand for high-skilled workers who are good substitutes for low-skilled workers

Review the mechanics of price floors and price ceilings. Why does a price floor lead to surpluses? Why does a price ceiling lead to shortages? Review consumer and producer surplus. A price floor will lead to a transfer of consumer surplus to producer surplus; a price ceiling will lead to a transfer of producer surplus to consumer surplus; both price regulations lead to deadweight losses, which is a loss of surplus to society. Why?


Organelle Function

Pick two different organelles found within eukaryotic cells and describe the importance of its function to the life of the cell. In your description, remember to include a discussion on the consequences to cell function if the organelle were not a part of the cell’s structure.


Principles of Finance I

WEEK 6: Discussion Prompt #1 – Interest rate risk is the risk that changes in interest rates (in the U.S. or other world markets) may reduce (or increase) the market value of an investment that you might hold. As an investor now or in the future, what are steps that you would take to mitigate the risk of interest rate risk? Do you believe age and current economic status play a role in how much interest rate risk investors can tolerate? Discuss your reasoning.


Principles of Finance I

WEEK 6: Discussion Prompt #2 – Compare and contrast the decisions that are consistent with the firm’s share price maximization goals. In your response, provide at least two peer-reviewed sources to support your answers. As we have discussed, one of the main goals of the organization is to maximize the profits in the organization to increase the firm’s share price. Consider your own organization or a previous organization, what goals were set to maximize the profits? Did these goals come at the “cost” of other important goals for the organization? Discuss your experiences.

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