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Here is the type of business I’m trying to launch. Any questions, feel free to text me.


This industry research report identifies Danone, Hint, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and The Coca-Cola Company as some of the key vendors in the global bottled water market. A comprehensive analysis of this market is also presented by product (bottled spring water, still drinking water, and sparkling water) and by geography (the Americas, APAC, and EMEA).

The rising focus towards introducing innovative packaging solutions in bottled water is one of the key trends that will gain traction in this canned water market during the next few years. Innovative packaging improves shelf appeal and distinguishes the products of bottled water manufacturers from their competitors’. With increasing concerns about the disposal of Plastic bottles and the rising awareness about their impact on the environment, manufacturers are focusing on introducing eco-friendly packaging. This will have a positive influence on the sales of bottled water, which will consequently improve the revenue shares of the players in the bottled water market.

The bottled water market comprises of many small and large vendors. According to the bottled water market analysis, key players in this canned water market compete based on factors including new product launches, price, and marketing activities. Bottled water manufacturers are focusing on providing a wide variety of products to and are also aligning their offerings to follow the change in health and wellness trends in many countries. Additionally, the players are also involved in introducing products with benefits such as zero calories and zero preservatives.

The leading vendors in the market are –

  • Danone
  • Hint
  • Nestlé
  • PepsiCo
  • The Coca-Cola Company

Our Plan

With increasing concerns about the disposal of Plastic bottles and the rising awareness about their impact on the environment we hope to fill a huge gap in the market by introducing our innovative product Leaf Water. The Leaf Water bottle is an innovative, single-serve water bottle made from 100% renewable material – specifically bamboo or palm leaves. Made from sustainable sheet stock such as bamboo, the bottle features a container similar to a milk carton with a resealable cardboard lid. As the bottles can be produced on a single line and bundled for shipping, extra packaging can be eliminated, making this bottle a very cool environmental solution to reducing the number of plastic bottles.

Potential Growth

Factors such as increasing health consciousness, hygiene awareness, lack of well-developed public water infrastructure and demand for functional bottled water are expected to fuel revenue and volume growth of the global bottled water market. Bottled water manufacturers are introducing new products with health benefits and new flavors which is resulting several product launches in the bottled water market.

The new products offering functional benefits, better taste and convenience are preferred by consumers. Increasing disposable income and consumer preferences for bottled water over aerated drinks and rising demand for functional and flavored water are expected to further fuel demand for bottled water across the world.

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