Compare these two artworks while thinking about the art’s relationship to style

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Compare Alexis Rockman’s Gowanus and Sea World realism artwork following these guidelines:

In order to make
an informed selection, you will need to research
the artist you select.

You will need to
consult a minimum of three sources.

Sources may be:
library books, journal articles, videos, or websites.

must be provided in a “works cited”
at the end of the paper using MLA style. If you cite an author in
the text or paraphrase another writer’s argument, you must give credit by using
parenthetic citation. This kind of abbreviated citation is inserted into the
body of the text. It consists of the author’s last name and a page number.
Example: (Barrett 168)

2. Write a 2-5 page essay that compares the works of art. State the artist’s
name and the titles, mediums, dates, and approximate dimensions of the artworks
at the beginning of your paper.

Important: include images of both artworks.

The purpose of your
comparison is to come to a conclusion about the following:

How the artworks
fit the stylistic category (In other words: what makes these artworks suitable
for discussion in terms of formalist, expressionist or realistic approaches to
visual art?

How the artworks
do not fit the category (if this seems appropriate)

How the artworks
in question are different or alike.

The significance
of this comparison in terms of the development of the artist in question (Does
this artist’s late or mid-career work look similar to his or her earlier work? Has
this artist’s style developed consistently or has it changed?)

Important Reminders

Grammar and
spelling are important.

straightforward sentences that are structured in the clearest and most direct
way possible.

Include page numbers in your document. 

The two artworks will be attached

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